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WHO (World Health Organisation) once said, “Even the most sophisticated and well-equipped pre-hospital trauma care system can do little if bystanders fail to recognize the seriousness of a situation, call for help, and provide basic care until help arrives.”

Every year nearly 150,000 people die in road accidents in India, the highest number in the world. The first hour of an emergency, often called ‘the golden hour’ is widely regarded as the most critical hour for saving lives. Doctors point out that at least 50% could have been saved if they were admitted within the golden hour. During accidents and emergencies, before ambulances wade in traffic to reach the destination, the first response is as critical as it sounds. Much-needed education on emergency response can save lives of many.

Understanding the importance of emergency response and first responders, during emergencies, we intended people to be aware and well trained to be able to face such situations. TEDxHyderabad Health Care salon was where we brainstormed ideas with thought leaders and sought solutions for those problems.

Our champion Uma Shankar is leading the “100kFirstResponse” initiative under SAHE. Emphasizing the idea of training first responders,  we partnered with EMRI  and trained more than 2000  people across the city especially those who are always on the go, be it cab drivers, bus drivers, security guards. Moreover, the trained first  responders are also connected on the app called, “Call Ambulance”. Besides connectivity of ambulances, with a mere tap on the app, trained first responders at the near location are reminded of the emergency to reach the place within less time.

We acknowledged the importance of emergency response and first responders and are striving to spread awareness in every possible way to every person we can approach. Much is still needed to be done to train 100k people at first response emergency, envisaging for a trained first responder in each family.

Besides driving these initiatives, we are also in discussions with United Rescue to launch 2- wheeler ambulances as they are being used in Israel. Traffic congestion is another stumble at cities and this could be timesaving and life-saving in critical situations.

Discussions with Phillips are on a drive to install  and create awareness about AED’s, life-saving devices at public spaces. We are delighted to see the community members driving these initiatives with sheer passion, we are also looking forward with many people to work for a healthy Hyderabad.

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